We have a range of practitioner and skill based workshops designed to fulfil the requirements at GCSE for the four main boards.

Devising from a stimulus

Our devising from a stimulus workshop explores a range of techniques and tools that help students to create, structure and develop their devised pieces. The workshop is exercise based giving the students a series of tools to further their work. Our devising workshop is designed to ignite student’s imaginations and facilitate experimentation to create theatre. We offer two different approaches one character based exploring techniques to develop characters to perform within a stylised setting and physical exercises to create unique theatre based on ensemble techniques.

Devising using a practitioner

You choose the practitioner and our workshop leader explores a series of exercises that are then used to ignite the devising process. The exercises will be unique to a particular practitioner and help to create a devised piece in their style. A Brecht 4 hour workshop would explore exercises on the narrator, taxi driver, v effect, gestus and voicing the part moving onto using these exercises with a stimulus to create theatre that is Brechtian in content, structure and style.

I would personally like to start by thanking you for providing such a fantastic personal workshop for the KS4 pupils. I believe that this has sparked their enthusiasm for the subject again and by being able to link this to their key practitioner for their examination is invaluable.
Head of Drama

Performing text

Our performing text workshop explores a series of exercises to develop and perform text. The workshop will explore techniques and exercises to develop characterisation and communication, harnessing the use of voice, movement and gesture coming from the character. The workshop focusses on creating a truthful psychophysical performance that embraces all the areas outlined in the various specifications.