Acting Coaching

I’ve got a place at Central. Thank you so much for all your help.
Drama school auditionee

Acting Coaching

We offer a unique acting coaching experience for:

  • Drama school auditions
  • Actors preparing for a part | audition
  • Weekly one to one actor training

The sessions are run by our Stanislavski based acting coach Nick O’Brien author of Stanislavski in Practice. The aim of our coaching sessions is to create truthful and believable acting, allowing you as the actor to have the flexibility to prepare for any role. We start with some work on preparing you as the actor for the audition or role and then work on step by step exercises to creating a character.

The process we follow is unique in creating truthful performance, delving deep into character subtext to bring a character to life. Our process focusses on the path you will take ‘to being’ the character in performance.

For actors and students who want to follow our extensive acting programme we offer weekly sessions working towards developing technique in preparation for auditions and professional work.

To book a session call us on 0208 444 0339 or e mail us on Sessions are 1.5 hours long and paid for in advance for the first 3 hours.