A Level

I was really delighted with the workshop. It has given the A level pupils a great stimulus for their practical work.
Head of Drama Simon Langton School

We have a range of practitioner and skills based workshops designed for the specifications at A Level. Each workshop is completely bespoke to what you and your students require. At The Stanislavski Experience we understand that every school and every group of students is different so every workshop or masterclass we deliver is designed to meet your needs.

We have a range of practitioner and skills based workshops designed for the specifications at A Level. Each workshop is completely bespoke to what you and your students require. At The Stanislavski Experience we understand that every school and every group of students is different so every workshop or masterclass we deliver is designed to meet your needs.

Our practitioner workshops can be related to text, devising work or focus on a series of exercises that explores the practitioner in depth.

Our workshops at post 16 aim to give the student a taste of what it would have been like to train at the Moscow Art Theatre or with the Berliner Ensemble. Students get up on their feet and explore, experiment and experience a range of exercises that will help them to understand how to use a practitioner to create theatre.

We believe that drama should be all about doing and experiencing, so we give students the opportunity to learn through doing and experimenting to find the truth.

Choose a workshop from the list below and then contact us by e mail or by phone to outline your specific requirements, group level, number of students and text being explored or devising stimulus.

Workshops can run for 2 to 5 hours in a day or over a couple of days and can fit around your timetable or after school.

Practitioner workshops

  • Stanislavski
  • Brecht
  • Lecoq
  • Artaud
  • Berkoff
  • Mitchell
  • Craig

Devising and text workshops

  • Devising and text workshops
  • Devising original theatre
  • Performing Monologues and Duologues
  • Physical Theatre
  • Rehearsing text
  • Shakespeare
  • Musical Theatre
  • Creating devised theatre

In addition to these workshop is our Performance Masterclass, one of our most popular workshops across the key stages.

Performance Masterclass

Our practitioner works with your students 3 weeks before their devising or text performance to offer new ideas, develop characterisation, shape the drama and create unique staging. This workshop is designed to challenge students and to work on key elements ahead of the performance. This masterclass is an opportunity for staff and students to step back from their work and benefit from new ideas and practitioner based input.

The Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud Devising Masterclass

This unique workshop explores Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud based exercises to create devised theatre with truthful, believable characters in a stylised setting. Students will experience exercises aimed at creating structured drama combined with unique staging and experimental movement, breath and voice work.

I had a follow up with the students yesterday and they were all really positive about the workshop. They felt they learnt a huge amount and are feeling confident and excited about exploring the system further. What I am most impressed by is that they seem to get the purpose behind the exercises and are not just doing them because teacher said! I believe they are using your Stanislavski in Practice book. Thank you for a very stimulating day’.
Drama teacher Havering College
The workshop was brilliantly paced, covered a lot of material and Brechtian exercises. You had an in depth understanding of the text and applied the practitioner in an encouraging manner. I was extremely impressed, with such short notice, the quality of delivery for this workshop. Thoroughly engaging for the students and completely compliant with the exam board criteria.
Head of Drama St Martha’s School


The next 2 hours works through a Life in Art exercise, then looks at the different stages of the Stanislavski rehearsal process culminating in an Active Analysis exercise with a text of your choice or devising stimuli. The workshop will give the students the tools needed to successfully create a character, explore and structure their devised work or work on text. The focus of the workshop is allowing students to experience the exercises Stanislavski used with actors, to experiment and explore text to create truthful and believable theatre.

The exercises explored in the workshop are based on those used by Stanislavski in his later years and have been developed to suit A level Drama students.

The workshop challenges students to work at the highest level and to maintain a professional focus in their performance work.

The in-depth Artaud exploration has helped them enormously in their work for GCE Theatre Studies Unit 2, thank you so much. I would recommend The Stanislavski Experience to any Head of Drama looking for a new an inspirational approach to A Level work.
Head of Drama Great Barr School


A step by step, exercise driven workshop using the key elements of Brechtian technique to build towards creating epic theatre. For the first part of the workshop students explore exercises on:

  • Narration
  • Class
  • V Effect
  • Gestus
  • Epization
  • Freeze and Gestus
  • Voicing the part
  • Characterisation

For the second part of the workshop students use these exercises to create a unique piece of epic theatre either using text or stimulus material. This workshop sees students build an understanding of Brechtian theatre as they explore each exercise so by the end of the workshop they are working as Brechtian actors experimenting to create epic theatre.


Our Berkoff masterclass explores professional rehearsal techniques and exercises used to achieve a practical understanding of Berkoff’s rich poetic language and ensemble physical performance style. Exercises include:

  • The base pulse
  • The Greek chorus
  • Bouffon
  • The spoken word
  • Ease End sport
  • Character, motif and gesture

The workshop can be linked to Metamorphosis, Greek or any of Berkoff’s plays. Our practitioner has played Greta in Metamorphosis and The Wife in Greek and brings her experience and knowledge of the Berkoff rehearsal process into your drama studio.


Four hours of intense practical exercises giving the student a solid grounding in a series of exercises designed by our team to create Artaudian theatre. The Artaud workshop looks at a range of exercises that bring Artaud’s theories to life, giving the student a practical way into Artaud that can then be related to their devising or text work. Exercises include:

  • Harnessing nature
  • Body voice mind spirit
  • Spiritual compass
  • Choral repetition
  • Sequencing
  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • On breath

The Artaud workshop can be designed to work on text or when devising and is guaranteed to spark creativity and challenge the participants.

I just want to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. The students have been ‘buzzing’ (their words) and are so motivated by the workshops. You really inspired them!
Head of Performing Arts Aylesbury College

The Katie Mitchell Experience

An intense 2/3 hour workshop that explores Mitchell’s rehearsal techniques with a text of your choice. Your students will bring the text to life through practical exercises and forensic rehearsal techniques and is ideal for the A Level and BTEC practitioner components. The workshop starts with exercises on:

  • Time and Place
  • Thoughts about myself
  • Relationship and Trigger improvisation
  • Circle of a Place
  • Being the character
  • Character’s past
  • Events and intentions
  • Improvising an episode
  • Mitchell’s style | using multimedia
  • Live Cinema

The Mitchell Masterclass works on the text your students are working on and mirrors the intensity of the Mitchell process.

Rehearsing and Performing a Monologue or Duologue

A practical step by step approach to rehearsing, analysing and performing a monologue or duologue using a range of acting techniques to create complex and truthful characters. The workshop is best split over two dates for the first date our practitioner comes in and works through a series of exercises that give the students all the skills they need to work on their character. Our practitioner then comes back at a later date to watch the student’s work and fine tune to create a truthful performance ready for their exam performance.

Ideal for students rehearsing and performing monologues / duologues as part of component 2 for the Edexcel and OCR specifications at A level.

Devising Drama and Original Theatre

A series of tools to help student’s devise and create original theatre at A Level | BTEC and GCSE, using stimuli of your choice to devise a piece of unique staging. Our devising workshop is designed to ignite student’s imaginations and facilitate experimentation to create theatre. We offer two different approaches: one character based exploring techniques to develop characters to perform within a stylised setting and physical exercises to create unique theatre based on ensemble techniques.